Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye, is also known as “Hawk’s Eye” or “Falcon’s Eye”. It is a deep blue color, with all the shimmery delight of Tiger’s Eye in between.

This mineral activates the throat and third eye chakras. It is perfect if you are looking to reduce your stress level and reach a calm mood, as well as, a balance of contrasting energies (i.e. Yin/ Yang, male/ female, outward flow of energy/ inward flow of energy, etc). When you work with this crystal, you will possess a flexible and adaptable mentality and be relieved of any fears and phobias- so take this crystal to the dentist with you! (joking, but not joking! lol) If you fear public speaking, Blue Tiger’s Eye is monumentally helpful to you. As stated above, it coordinates with the throat chakra. But because it also is helpful in diminishing phobias, this is the perfect crystal if you have a public speaking event, or a briefing or presentation you are dreading to give.

If psychic development is what you are working on, carry and/ or wear this crystal. it will assist you in developing stronger psychic visions, as well as, assist you in astral projection and remote viewing.

When I hold a Blue Tiger’s Eye, I feel a very smooth energy. It comes on evenly and holds a steady energy throughout the the duration of the meditation. I find myself feeling emotionally grounded and even. If you are highly sensitive to crystals and have a difficult time with the more intense ones, this would be a fantastic crystal to add to your collection, as it is easy to work with.

If you are interested in owning a Blue Tiger’s Eye of your own, please visit my Etsy shop. I’ll make sure to get it out to you promptly so that you can begin working with it as soon as possible.


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Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate possesses a soothing appearance. The color is light blue, so they are often used in throat chakra healing. The energy is sweet, calm, and soothing. If your energy is feeling excessively amped, angry, or anxious, Blue Lace Agate will be that release of pressure you are looking for. Additionally, this is a great stone for people who are hypersensitive to crystal energy. If you find that some stones come on a little too strongly, try some Blue Lace Agate. Its vibe comes on very gently and evenly.

You can either hold it in contemplation or meditation to get guidance from beings in the higher realm (i.e. spirit guides, angels, higher self) or you can wear it as a pendant around your neck to help you with communicating most effectively and clearly, with peace. Animals love this stone, as they are very sensitive to crystal energy and find it easier to take in than other, more intense stones. blue-lace-agate2blue-lace-agate

If you are interested in seeing what Blue Lace Agate looks like in raw form, just as it was pulled out of the Earth, you can purchase one in my shop here.


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5 Easy Ways to Remove Negativity From Your Home

No matter what side of the fence the person I’m talking to is, I have seen one thing: we all bring negative energy into our home or live with people who do. Negativity in the home is not only brought on by energy from portals, ghosts and ghouls, ugly weather and powerful solar storms, departed beings, and hexes. Negative energy can also enter by way of our own personal energy.

5 Easy Ways to Remove Negativity From Your HomeLet’s face it. Adulting is hard. We all experience job stress, stressful commutes on the road, relationship troubles, sudden catastrophic events, financial hiccups, etc. Sometimes we get stuck in whatever is affecting our moods. I could write an entire blog post on the subject. But even if you’re a spiritual guru, it does not mean your home is exempt or safe from crappy energy. My point is…your home is not safe from it. None of our homes are safe from it. 

In order to keep your abode clear of “the crud”, you need to work at it. Ironically, the more spiritual or psychically sensitive you are, the harder you have to work at it. Maybe we attract more towards us, maybe we are just more sensitive to it. Regardless, the work has to be done. While it is not hard work, it is something that needs to be done on an occasional AND as needed basis.

What do I mean by “…occasional AND as needed basis”? The chosen avenue you take in energetically cleansing your home needs to be done on an occasional, or routine, basis. However, sometimes unexpected negative energy pops up, so you will need to be prepared to handle it on an as needed basis as well.

Here are my 5 top ways you can cleanse your space of negative energy:

  1. Singing bowls-  singing bowls are used for the invocation of good spirits and for the banishing of bad spirits and negative energies. They’ve even been used for curing diseases by Tibetan shamans. (Note: I’m NOT suggesting you substitute your family practitioner with a singing bowl!) You can also use bells, chimes, symbols, and tingsha. The note that the item plays is not important. It is, however; important that you find a bowl with a tune that resonates with you. So test them out before you purchase them. Simply run the wooden mallet around the bowl until you intuitively feel the task is done or you feel a positive energy shift in your space.  If you don’t have a singing bowl, you can find videos of singing bowls playing and it will have the same effect.
  2. Sage- Place the sage (loose or stick) in a fireproof dish, unravel some of the string, light the end and blow it out just as you would for incense. Direct the smoke with your hand or a feather around yourself, around the entire perimeter of the space, paying close attention to corners and doorways. It is best to have the windows open so the energies (and smoke) can leave. Do one room at a time. When you’re done, smudge or snuff the sage out. Never leave burning sage unattended and please be mindful of any resident pets. The odor is very strong and offensive to them. It also can cause cats major respiratory upset.
  3. Salt- sprinkle pinches of Himalayan salt or sea salt in the corners of your space ater a physical cleaning.
  4. Incense- Follow the same instructions given for Sage.
  5. Open windows- When you open your windows, you’re letting negative ions into your space. Negative ions clear the air of mold spores, pollen, pet dander, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, viruses, dust and other hazardous airborne particles- all things that can add to or create negative energy. So, when you open your windows, you are purifying your space of allergens AND negativity.

You can mix n’ match these suggestions, or you can give your home “the works” and apply them all! You can do these cleanses as you feel guided. However, a good rule of thumb is every time you clean your house physically, you should also clean it energetically. So, once per week should keep “The Oggie Boogies” out of your space.

One more thing….

Of course, crystals are always Mother Nature’s best little helpers in keeping a space energetically vibing!  I strongly advise having crystals in your home as an automatic no-brainer. If you’ve ever been crystal shopping, you know what I mean when I refer to the “crystal high” you get when you enter a shop. Some even get it by visiting an online shop…I do!

That crystal high is caused by the hundreds or thousands of crystals all sharing one space. They vibrate at a higher level because tons of people “oooo” and “ahhhh” over them, showering them with tons of love and positivity. Imagine that same “vibe” when you walk into your own abode!

Now, let’s be real…you would have to have a lot of crystals to accomplish that strong of a sensation. And who wants people groping their personal crystals? I know I don’t! One simple way you can use crystals to protect your home is to grid your house with Black Tourmaline. It will protect your home from negative energy and negative people. Simply place one (1) Black Tourmaline at each of the 4 corners of your home. You can either bury them in the ground outside at the corners of the house or property, or you can keep them inside. Place them in a clockwise order, starting at the Western direction (West, North, East, South- in that order) and then do the best you can to sit in the middle of your house or space. Once there, say an affirmation and visualize your home with a protective shield around it.  This will program your grid with the job you intend for it.

There you have it! Five easy peezy ways to protect your home from negative energy. Have you ever tried any of these methods of house protection? Were they successful?


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Easy Air Purification

image2 (1)My pure, organic beeswax candles are lovingly, hand poured by me. When lit, they give off a naturally-occurring, soft, non-intrusive, sweet, honey scent that will make your spirit shine. The wicks are made with cotton and are free from all harmful metals. The 4-ounce reusable jar is made of amber-colored glass and comes with a lid. When your candle is finished, you can use the jar for lotions, potions and trinkets.

Beeswax candles contain little to no harmful agents, making them the best choice to burn in your home or sacred space. Additionally, they burn longer and cleaner than any other candle on the market. They are considered a natural air purifier because they release negative ions that neutralize things like pollen, dust, and any other air pollutant, making them ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies and/ or asthma.


Moldavite by Susan Waters

Beginning Your Crystal Journey- Part 2

Untitled design (5)This is part 2 of my blog mini-series on Beginning Your Crystal Journey. You can see part 1 of the blog mini-series about cleansing, charging, and programming your crystals here.

This part will go over how to work with crystals. This seems to be the bigger part that confuses people. More so, the newbies entering the world of crystal healing. They hold the crystal and nothing happens, resulting in thinking it’s a bunch of horse-hockey or worse, that crystals don’t work for them.

woman-hand-girl-glassSelecting Your Crystal
First, let’s talk about crystal selection. There are a lot of ways you can select a crystal. One way is to match it with:

  • A specific God or Goddess
  • One of the 4 elements
  • Any chakra color (Click here for a chart)
  • A suggestion made by a tarot card
  • Their healing properties
  • Etc.

There is no wrong way in how you select a crystal. However, the most useful way of selecting crystals is to use your intuition. If you feel drawn to a certain crystal, you need to work with it. It’s that simple. That “drawn to” feeling feels like a strong urge, or an extreme need. But sometimes you will pick one up and notice things that do not normally happen, like, the crystal is either physically shaking or vibrating in your hand. Sometimes it might be warmer or colder than all the others.  I’ve even had crystals, literally, fall at my feet. I’ve also had them shake or vibrate. Regardless of how your intuition triggers or the crystals show themselves to you, believe me, you will KNOW when it happens. Even if your intuition is only nudging you a little, go with it. (Note: By listening to your intuition and following it, you are developing it so that it becomes more sensitive.)

pexels-photo-390574Beginning the Work
How you work with crystals is by way of meditation. You can meditate for however long you like or have time for. Even 5 minutes is better than none. Set the timer on your phone and let go. If you are new to working with crystals or are working with a crystal for the first time, try to stick with one crystal per meditation. When you get more experience, you can add another. The reason is, when you are acclimating to a crystal or learning how to work with them, you don’t want your messages and experience with that crystal “mudded up”.

What you’ll need:


  1. Sit down in a place where you’ll be free of all distractions. If you have an altar or a sacred space, this is the perfect place. (Get a free, printable version of my eBook, “How to Create a Sacred Space” here.) Be sure you’re comfortable. There is no need to be in the lotus position or on a fancy pillow seat. Just sit however you are most comfortable. Set the mood by doing whatever calms you: play music, light candles, etc. You could even do this in a bubble bath if you like!
  2. Hold your crystal(s) or place them in front of you. In your lap is fine too but you need to be able to gaze at or hold the crystal. I prefer to have one in each hand. You and your crystal are the only 2 beings in this moment. Be conscious of how the crystal feels in your hands; how it looks on the inside; how it feels to the touch. Fall in love with your crystal!
  3. Focus on your breath. Inhale through your nose for 5 seconds, pause for 1 second, breath out through your mouth for 5 seconds. Relax your muscles from head to toe, willing each body part to relax completely.
  4. Now, focus on the job you have given your crystal. Open yourself to receiving the messages in this crystal meditation. Make a mental note of any emotional releases you have, thoughts, epiphanies, or visions you have.
  5. When the timer goes off, take a moment to journal your experience. Jot down all the emotional releases you have, thoughts, epiphanies, or visions you had…or didn’t have. (Note: If you do not receive any profound visions, messages, etc. don’t feel left out. Maybe it just means you received more of a physical healing than an enlightening session. Journal it no matter what.)
  6. Close the meditation with a thank you to those that guide you. Resume your day or night with a consciousness of your meditation. (You may or may not continue to receive messages.)
  7. Keep your crystal close by and repeat this meditation for 4 consecutive days before selecting another crystal. The more you work with your crystal, the more healing and guidance you will get from it.

This concludes part 2 of the mini-series. Part 3 will be about storage and maintenance of your crystal collection, which is always helpful.


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Also, if you want to do some crystal shopping online, you can visit my shop here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, message me there and let me know. I love going crystal shopping for people! I also may have some in stock that have not yet been listed.


Beginning Your Crystal Journey-Part 1

Untitled design (5)So you have your new crystals. Now what? This is going to be a 3-part series on how to begin your crystal journey. In this part, I will teach you the first 3 steps to your crystal journey with any crystal. The 2nd part will be about working with your crystal and in the 3rd, I will go over storage and maintenance of your crystal collection. I decided to do a series on this subject because it is almost daily that I get asked questions pertaining to each section. Let us begin….

Common question: “I bought this amazing crystal, but I don’t know where to begin in working with it”…Not everyone knows. In fact, many people right now are making a cold start into the world of crystals because it’s become one of the new trends. I actually know A LOT of people in this predicament. We have all been there!

The 3 beginning steps you take are:

Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Charge
Step 3: Program

The Cleanse 

No matter where you acquired your crystal from, you need to begin with a cleanse because you have no idea what hands it has passed thru and what that person was going thru the day they touched it. After all, we are all human and, unfortunately, we all have bad days. It’s best to clean off all that energy that was given before it got to you.

Cleansing is easy. You just have to find the best way that works for you. Let’s take a look at the different ways to cleanse your crystals…

Saltwater– This is my favorite cleansing method for new crystals. I feel it is most effective at shedding off random energy. The downside is that not all crystals can endure it because some crystals, literally, dissolve in water. If your crystal has a Moh’s hardness of 6 or more (I err on the side of caution tho and none of my crystals below a 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale goes into water.) All you do is make enough salt water to cover your crystal (I use pink Himalayan salt, granulated OR you can just add a chunk of Himalayan salt into the water with the crystal), cover the bowl and place it out of the way where it will not be bothered for a few days. I generally sit it aside for 7 days but you can use your intuition to guide you. Rinse the salt water off of your crystal, pat dry with a soft towel and the cleanse has been completed.




Sage and Incense– This effective cleansing method is a favorite among so many! Sage typically comes bundled up into what looks like a stick and the gathering of sage sprigs is tied off with a string. You can get a loose leaf variety also. A brief history lesson on smudging: The act of smudging was passed down from the Native Americans as a way of cleansing and purification. Other cultures and religions may use incense instead. I have tried smudging my crystals and stones with both sage or incense. All you do is light the chosen smudge material and either hold the crystal in your hands, passing it thru the smoke or wave the smoke onto the item you are cleansing. There is no set number of passes or suggested amount of time you do this. It’s purely determined by way of your intuition. I find just a couple of passes is suffice. Note: I rarely use this method of cleansing anymore, as I have pets that are downright offended by the smell and fearful of the smoke. So if you have pets, you might want to do this outside. At the very least, make sure your windows are open. If you do not like the smell of smoke on your skin, hair, or clothes, you probably want to do this outside or not at all. I typically reserve the right to sage my home or burn incense at times when I need a powerful cleansing to happen and urgently only. (DISCLAIMER: PLEASE have a fire-safe container holding the smudging material and do not blow on the material. You will see, more so with sage, that little embers of fire fly off, if you blow on it, and can result in damage to your clothes, flooring, furniture, etc. or worse, cause a fire. ALWAYS practice fire safety when using this method of cleansing!)

The Charge

Sound– This is my chosen method for energetically cleansing my crystals, the inside the house, my car, etc. I had known about it prior, but a few years back, my cat was having respiratory issues and was diagnosed with asthma. So, I had to find a way to cleanse items and the environment without the use of smoke. My cat has since departed, however; the cat I took in after him has environmental/ seasonal allergies. So, I continued on with this method of cleansing. You can use any sound, any frequency of sound, as long as its positive and peaceful. The only rule is that the crystal needs to be in the direct path of the vibration of the sound being delivered. The choices of sound are endless: If you’re a musician, you can play or sing to your crystals; singing bowls; tuning forks; bells; music; etc. You can be creative! Just a minute in the vibration of the sound is enough but you can leave them longer if you choose.
The Freeze Method– I have tried this method and it’s been effective, but it’s not my usual go-to method. The reason is, I feel it could be a potential hazard to your precious crystal. Meaning, I’m afraid the crystal may crack. I have not heard of this happening, it’s just a thought of my own. Because of this, the amount of time I have put my crystals in the freezer has been short and I can only recommend the same. Many others have tried this method and love it. You be the judge. It is certainly convenient if you are low on time or energy. Just place them in the freezer to sit for maybe an hour (I’ve read some people let them sit overnight.).
Amethyst On Hands
Reiki-There is really nothing Reiki healing cannot do. If you know how, or know someone who knows how, you can give your crystals reiki to cleanse them of negative energy.


Earthing-Dig a little hole in your garden or plant, place your crystal in the soil, and cover it. From there, let the dirt do the magic overnight or for a full moon cycle (use your intuition). However, just like with water, refer to the Moh’s hardness scale for this, as gardens have moisture in them. Also another thing to consider is the nooks and crannies of your crystal. I would advise against putting, say, an Amethyst cluster into soil. The dirt will go deep into the grooves and you may have great difficulty in getting it out of them. If you really want to try this method, one option is to just place the crystal onto the soil surface instead of covering it with the Earth. Another downfall to this method is sunlight. Some crystals will fade if placed in the sunlight for too long.



Untitled design (6)
Moonlight/ Sunlight– Any moon phase will work but the energy of the full moon is the most powerful. The moon is female energy and the sun is male energy. So you just need to determine which kind of energy you want to put into them. Some crystals fade in the sunlight and also the sunlight can cause fires. So you’ll need to exercise extreme caution if you use the sun. Simply place them outside or on a window sill for 1 hour-overnight and you’re done!


Flowers-This method is truly an amazing and beautiful way to cleanse your crystals. I’ve done this when I had flower petals plentiful enough to fill a bowl with and the crystal comes out with such beautiful, peaceful energy that it’ll make your soul sing! Just lay a bed of flower petals in a bowl, place the crystal in the bowl, and cover with flower petals overnight. If you do this during a full moon you will be floored with how they feel the next morning! I highly recommend trying this method, even if just once.

Energetic cleansing is basically the same as clearing the crystal of negative energy. No matter which term you are using, the goal is to remove/release/restore the crystal’s energy. All the methods of charging I have given, are also ways you can cleanse your crystal. The 2 methods I offered on cleansing, are indeed most effective as a cleansing method, especially if it’s a new crystal.

Programming Your Crystal

When I started out with crystals, I was confused about programming. For some reason, it sounded so complicated. LOL But it’s not complicated at all. In fact, it takes very little effort. All you need to do is give your crystal a job. When programming, you are telling it what it’s purpose is. You can do this however you feel guided to. You can hold the crystal in the palm of your hands and whisper to it “I want you to [enter what you want it to do for you] or you can full-on meditate with it, using visualization. Here’s how…


  1. Sit down in a place where you’ll be free of all distraction (See below for how to receive my free download about how to create a sacred space!). Have your crystal handy. Set the mood by doing whatever calms you: play music, light candles, etc. You could even do this in a bubble bath if you like!
  2. Hold your crystal in the palm of your hands and energetically connect to it. Be conscious of how the crystal feels in your hands; how it looks on the inside; how it feels to the touch. Fall in love with your crystal!
  3. Start with focusing on your breath. Inhale through your nose for 5 seconds, pause for 1 second, breath out through your mouth for 5 seconds. Relax your muscles from head to toe.
  4. Focus on the job you are giving your crystal. Visualize the end result of its work with you. For example, if you are using it for monetary abundance, visualize yourself in a constant heavy shower of $100 bills and doing positive things with that abundance of money. Imagine how it feels to have that money and repeat an appropriate affirmation to yourself. With each breath, send your chosen desire to your crystal.

There you have it! Your crystal has been programmed! It is THAT simple to do!

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